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*Tell Me What I Wanna Hear: Pt. 2*

“A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.”

~ Unknown

Ladies, If my last story reminded you of a time where you were taken advantage of by a PLAYBOY, I know this story will speak to you also...

So, TELL ME WHAT I WANNA HEAR, you suave sexy businessman. I swear you have a new investment every week that you are intertwined with. You’re smart and good looking, with a witty confident attitude that Alpha women like me LOVE. You’re the epitome of The American Dream, with endless achievements under your belt that make you look like an All Star. Your family are immigrants who came to this city with a dollar and a dream, and now you have fulfilled their legacy by starting your own Law Firm. And at such a young age...I mean, WOW! Please tell me your secret to having profitable fame; because it doesn’t come easy to people like me. Maybe that’s what we have in common. Big dreams, and big goals. The difference between us is that you already achieved most of yours. With a praised Law degree and a good head on your shoulders, you really can’t lose in this Capitalist business world. I have to say, I’m impressed. Your drive, ambition, and savvy street charm really gets me excited. You’re so smart, and so dedicated. I can really see the determination in you to better yourself and take care of your family. It makes me see you as maybe being a family man one day. (wink wink).

Now, everyone knows you have money and an empire. That’s nothing new. But many ask the question, since you are single...who are you going to share it with? Maybe...just’s me.

So, why did you choose me? I’m not that established, and I haven’t lived out a legacy of my own. But I hope that one day we can bask in each other's Limelight and be a successful Power Couple. Isn’t that something you would want?

You see, Bachelor's like you don’t stay bachelors for long. Believe me. Especially when they have money. So, what is it? Why do you want me and no one else? I’m not rich and famous, and I sure can’t add revenue to your company. Is it because you really don’t have time to go out there and find your soulmate? I know running a business is hard, with long hours and high pressure points. But you always seem to keep your cool, and you rarely call off our dinner and lunch dates. I love that about you. Always keeping your promises. Always making time for me. But sometimes I wonder why me and you are together. Maybe I slow everything down for you and give you a break from your stressful life. Maybe I give you encouragement to keep going, no matter what people think and say. Maybe I help you take time to enjoy the simple things in life, and rest your thoughts; even if it’s just for a little while.

It must really mean something to you; spending time with me. And even though you’re so busy with work, I’m glad we can still meet up in-between your office meetings, lunch time, dinner time, and after hour drinks. I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world when you give me attention. Not just because you’re handsome, but because you show me you care.

You care about my future. You care about what I ate today, and how my health is. You care about how my day was at work and worry if I’m stressing out too much. I mean, it’s hard to find a caring businessman these days. I’m a lucky girl.

I love our deep conversations about life. The way you tell me about all your hopes and dreams that nobody knows about. The way you give me advice on what to do in a tough situation. The way you whisper compliments in my ear when I least expect it. And Oh, how you make me feel truly romanced when you tell me I’m beautiful, even though I know you are surrounded by beautiful powerful women everyday at work. It really gives me goosebumps just to hear you say it. Am I living in a fantasy, or is this just a phase? I know what other people say about me and you dating. I know what they think of me. I can hear them talking now, saying “Who does she think she is? Does she actually think he wants to be with her, and STAY with her? No way. He’s just playing her like all the other young girls he has dated. Good luck sister. You’re gonna need it.” I mean, how hurtful is that to have people think our relationship is nothing but a fake fairy tale story that will only end badly. It’s hard for me to believe everything I hear around town. But I did hear some things about you before we started dating after we met at that bar. I heard silly things about you being a major Playboy with the ladies. How you just want a young girl to spend some money on, and then you dump her once you get bored. And lastly, I heard the worst rumor of them all...I heard you are actually having sexual relations with a colleague in your office, and everyone in your office knows about it, but won’t say anything. I mean, no way that’s true. I can’t even see you doing that? You don’t seem like the type to go off and lie to me about where you are and what you are doing. I mean, I never ask you questions about how you are because I don’t feel the need to. With you it’s always just WORK WORK WORK. No reason to ask extra questions because nothing sees fishy. But come to think of it, WHO CARES what the other people say. Who cares what the haters think. They must just be jealous of me, and jealous of us. I know you are a respectable man. I know you know better...right?

You know what, I’ll prove them wrong. If they think our relationship is just some secret bullshit, I will show them who’s right and who’s wrong. I know it’s your firm’s 5 year anniversary party coming up this Friday, and I know it’s a big deal to you. Just so everyone knows we are serious, and that our relationship is a real and honest relationship, I’m going to come to your office party and surprise you with homemade cupcakes. Just for you and your co-workers. I told you I had to work late during the night of your party, and I know you really would have liked me to come. But I told you a little white lie so I could surprise you that night, and everyone would have to meet me and take me seriously. After all, we’re adults.

Days go by one by one and finally, it’s FRIDAY. The day of the office party, and the whole day he has no idea what I am going to surprise him with. But I know he’ll love it.

It took my hours to find the perfect surprise party outfit and I got up early before work to make my famous Snickerdoodle cupcakes with cream cheese icing. So excited about the surprise and anxious to see you, I head on over to your office a little early to set up so everything is perfect when you come out of your office. I felt weird coming up the elevator in your building. It felt weird to walk by so many important business people, I felt so small for a minute. Finally I make it to your office’s floor and walk through the glass door with your company's name on it. carrying the cupcakes in, I felt like a sweet little housewife that just made her hubby some sweet treats for work. It looked a little corny. But I walked in confident anyway. As soon as I walked in, I noticed the silence in the room. The receptionist was already gone, so I assumed that everyone was in the break or meeting room for the party. But the more I walked up and down the hallways in the office, the more I realized, everyone was gone. It was way too quiet for there to be a celebration. So, where did everyone go? Where was the party? I started to walk down to the end of the hallway and I almost ran into the janitor sweeping around the corner. He looked at me oddly and confused as to why I was there so late and unannounced. I asked him “Hey, I thought there was a party tonight for the office? The 5 year anniversary?” I replied and said “Party? Here? No mam. There’s no party tonight. Everyone has gone home except for two employees still working in the presentation room.” I gasped in shock as to what he said. I was so confused...why did I think the party was today? I swear he had told me It was today, at this time, and that he might be coming over late because of it. Hmmm. Things are not adding up. Confused as hell at the whole situation, I do a slow U-turn back down the hallway of the office to head for the door, when two people laughing, sounding like a man and a woman, caught my ear after I heard no noise the whole time I was there besides the janitor’s sweeping. I slowly backed up to see inside the office window where the laughter was coming from. I could barely see through because the blind on the door were already drawn down, so I was barely peeking. Through the blinds I saw my lover and some beautiful blonde babe laughing it up while drinking glasses of red wine. He was laughing while he sat on the desk next to her, biting her ear and rubbing her leg. I kept hearing her giggle while I watched in astonishment and anger. I thought “Who the hell is that? And why are they here alone? No freaking way. That’s ok, I’ll show him what’s funny.” Before I could even think, I grabbed the doorknob and swung the door open. Both of them gasped at my entrance and how swift it was. She said “Who the hell are you?” with a major attitude. I could tell by getting a good look at her that she must be who the rumors were about. But how could I compete? She was a beautiful powerful woman who had way more to offer him than little ol’ me. He yelled my name in shock as I walked through the door slowly and calmly with my batch of cupcakes saying “Well, I made you some treats. I hope you like them. YOU ASS HOLE” Before he could blink, I opened up my box of cupcakes and started throwing them at him and his mistress. I swear it felt like I was throwing baseballs. I was so angry. Cake went flying everyone and his office slut just kept screaming every time she got hit. After I threw all the cupcakes he yelled again saying “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you crazy?” Like this whole thing was my fault and I am the evil one. I was about to walk away so as to not cause anymore trouble, but instead I turned around and said to him “Oh don’t worry love. It’s not your fault, it’s mine. You see, I was just letting you tell me what I wanted to hear. I let love cloud my judgement. But now I know you were never worth a DAMN anyway. So you might as well make sure your company stays afloat because that is all you’re going to have in your life.” I turned to his mistress after my speech and smiled saying “good luck with this loser.”

I found my way to the elevator after leaving his office, never to return again. I saw the janitor as I hopped on the elevator to go down. As the doors started to close, he walked by and gave me a slow reassuring nod, like he was proud of me and agreed with my decision. I smiled back at him nodding before the small gap to the elevator closed for good. All in all, that was a good day. Because I learned my lesson.

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