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*Tell Me What I wanna Hear: Pt. 1*

“A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.”

~ Unknown

A woman falls in love through her ears, and a man through his eyes. What a statement that is. Women could feel protected, appreciated, and cared for just from someone’s words. But a man could fall head-over-heels for a gorgeous woman with all the physical aspects he desires. For a man, a woman who looks great is already a turn on, even if she’s not that bright in the head. She could wear designer clothing, bare long mermaid locks, and have the skin of an angel, with a nice rack to boot, and get a man's attention on the spot. Even if she’s a complete idiot, men seem to think and judge with their eyes first...among other things. But for women, we need a little more than looks to stay locked into a guy and eventually fall in love. We have to HEAR the love in his words. We need to know that he is really into us by what he says and the way he says it. Yes, DOING things for us give the guys points. Like taking us out for dinner, movies, and maybe even taking us home to meet his mom. But we still need to hear certain things to feel wanted, needed, and desired. Basically, we want men to tell us what we want to hear and it must feel genuine. But sometimes we, as women, end up being completely deceived by men. Some men have found a loophole into our hearts by simply giving us what we want. And that’s TELLING US WHAT WE WANT TO HEAR. Some men have upped their game in deceit and manipulation in courting women to actually tell women lies about themselves and what they will do for women, just to get them to stay. It’s sad that it has come to this in our day in age of courting each other that instead of stepping their game up as a man to court a good woman, they have to tell her lies to make it seem like she is the only one in his life and that he will do anything for her. Shame on you men for giving us a fake version of you. For you’ll never know if we were going to be into it by just being yourself or not. If you started off lying, most likely, you’ll keep doing it for a while. And that’s just not worth it. It makes me think about the times when I was courted by someone that just gave me useless words of lies to get me to stay. And I thank God I didn’t stay with them once I found out what they were doing. Cause honey, I’d rather be single than go through a fake relationship again. Ladies, these scenarios might have happened to you before, and if so, thank God that you are not still with them. And if you are, you better leave them alone for the better…

So, TELL ME WHAT I WANNA HEAR, you young sweet beau that seems to have everything going for him. You seem to have the heart of a saint, and a giving soul. You have plenty of love to give to a woman and treat her like a queen. You’re always the center of attention, and known for being the “pretty boy” on the block. Your looks have taken you far in life, but obviously not far enough. I wonder where you got your charm from to win over the ladies. But how come it has gotten you so many one night stands, but no long term relationships. Well, nobody’s perfect I guess.

The way you treat your ladies is impeccable. You take me out to a nice restaurant and let me order whatever I want; drinks and dessert too. We go to the movies often and see the best new films out. We take long romantic walks in the park on Sunday’s to clear our mind of our worries from work and life. All the while you still make me feel like I’m your dream girl by telling me everything I want to hear about buying us a house, buying a new car, helping me with my bills, getting married, having kids, shopping sprees, and so on. But after many months, I don’t see those promises come into play. In fact, I start to wonder how you would even do all those things when I rarely see you go to work. Matter of fact, do you even have a job? Do you even work? I never noticed before, but we sure do spend a lot of time together everyday. I mean, you’re always around. I feel like you are never needed at your job. So how have you been taking care of me so well lately? Hmmmm. I mean, I did remember you always asking me to give the tip when we go out to eat or drink. And I do recall having to always put gas in your car last minute when you left my place. And now that I think about it, I haven’t seen you help me with any bills except my phone bill which I can really pay my damn self. So, where is the money coming from? When I ask you, you get upset and change the subject. But why? I just want to know when you’re going to show me those promises you made. That’s all. I am only asking you for what you promised, and I have no results.

Oh wait, I think I get it now. Remember that time you took me to see your mother, and you stepped outside to talk to her on the patio? I could have sworn she wrote you a check for something, and I didn’t know why. I mean, why do you need a check from your mom? And I bet it was a nice check since she did live in an 8 bedroom mansion. And we always went to dinner the same day you saw your mom because….oh wait. Now I get it. You’re just having your mom take care of me right? She must have written you a lot of checks to take care of me huh? My mistake, I actually thought you had a job and you were responsible. But that was a total lie. I found out that you have been living off your mom since you flunked out of college and got arrested for drunk driving and now you’re on probation. Silly me, it’s not your fault. I guess I just let you TELL ME WHAT I WANNA HEAR.

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