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P.O.M- "Sleeping on Yourself"


It’s so hard to be consistent and committed isn’t it?

And what I mean by that, is the act of being consistent and committed to yourself.

We demand consistency from others in love, loyalty, and respect. But do we even have the same desires for ourselves? And are we committed to showing ourselves the same love, loyalty, and respect that we need to survive?

Why is it so easy to do more for others, than for ourselves?

To commit your life to doing what is best for YOU first. And take care of your mental and physical health.

To chase your ambitions. Work hard. And never give up.

It’s not that easy is it?

We find countless excuses to not do what we need to do to be successful, appreciated...loved even. So we start being wallflowers to everyone else's success and happiness. But why? When we could create our own just the same?

We’re always sleeping on ourselves...snoring in fact.

And it’s only the strong and the willing who get to live the life they dreamed of.

It’s the brave ones, who go out on a limb, regardless if they fail or look stupid.

Those are the ones who are AWAKE.

Constantly moving. Constantly striving…

They know what needs to be done, and they it; and hope for the best.

They have learned early on that they don’t want to just go day to day surviving. They want to LIVE.

Succeed, fail, win, lose...they’re willing to do it all.

So...what’s the problem with everyone else?

I’ll tell you what the problem is...the problem is YOU...It’s US...and the way we think...

It’s us listening to our negative thoughts as soon as we hit that alarm in the morning. Telling us we can’t and shouldn’t do something we know we’re capable of doing.

It’s those jealous and damning comments and opinions our friends & family give us that we listen to. Even though they are only speaking from a “self” perspective, and couldn’t possibly know where our journey is leading us.

It’s those anxiety attacks we succumb to when something damaging happens to us; breaking our hearts & train of thought.

It’s watching the world show us through politics, racism, celebrity fame, fake news, and poverty that we are not on the list of “special” people to do GREAT things in this world.

And it’s the feeling of low self-worth, neglect, and abandonment that rushes over us when someone decides to not give a damn, when we hoped they would.

Every time we let the weight of the world overcome us, we fall asleep.

Every time we let toxic people make us feel like we are not enough, we start snoring.

And every time we fail at something important to us, we give up...and we fall into a coma over self-pity.

This can’t be what God made us to do and feel...can’t be.

This life is ours to live accordingly.

Not for others to control it by their actions and opinions.

We can do anything...literally, anything we set our minds to. But we hold back.

For what?

So your friends and family won’t be jealous and feel like you left them behind?

So you can keep that terrible job that doesn’t respect you at all so you don’t have to start over?

We can’t keep holding back our true potential & full power just to make people comfortable. This is how we lose...and keep losing.

The time has always been now!

Stop sleeping on yourself...there are too many people who do not care about your well-being & success. You have to put that in your own hands, as others have their own life to live, with their own worries.

If you find someone who can help you raise the level of your hidden potential, with no animosity, you are truly blessed.

But if not, it’s up to you.

You have the power!

You have the mindset!

Wake up, and go & get yours.

You’ve been asleep too long, and life is too short.

The sad truth is that no one be consistent with yourself & commit to your goals.

Take care, make it happen, and stay AWAKE.

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