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*Have Some Integrity*

Integrity: Choosing your thoughts and actions based on values,

rather than personal gain.

You know, I always spent most of my life trying my best to treat people the way I wanted to be treated. After all, my mother always taught me to treat people with respect. Yes, I struggled a bit as a kid with respect and honesty. But who didn’t struggle with this when they were growing up? Especially during our teenage years when we start thinking for ourselves and learning right from wrong by trial and error. But once I grew up into my adult years, starting at about 19, I realized that for me, respect could not simply be given to any and everyone, it had to be earned, and it had to be mutual.

It seems that we, and I mean young and old, have a problem with “earning respect” and “giving respect” when it's due in the workplace. The problem is that there is so little Integrity in the workplace it's ridiculous. And I hate to say it, but this is NOT a new problem we are facing here. Ooooooh no, this has been going on for years and years. Ever since man was able to create rules and regulations in the workplace, it has been apparent. Ever since women were allowed to work with men, but not really have a voice and a say in anything, it has been apparent. And ever since different types of people, from different backgrounds, with different work ethics, and different mindsets were able to work together, it has been apparent.

See, the problem is not so much the actual company that you work for, most of the time, it’s just the people under it. The people working, and especially the people working under the actual CEO of the company, they are the ones that make sure the company stays afloat, and they work hard, long hours, every day to make sure their job is done right. Many of these people are the ones that are on the lower end of the company. The retail workers, the door-to-door salesmen, the key holders, the sales supervisors, the part-time associates, etc. Many of the people on the bottom of the company are the main ones that don’t get appreciated or respected the way they should be. The problems that I see, and I have been working for a long time, are in the attitudes and the Integrity of the people in a company. Yes, I know, I am only 26, but I started work very young and I have been observing the way people act at work and the consequences of their actions. I have many examples of the problems I have seen with NOT having Integrity in the workplace, and I have listed them on a numerical scale from 1-5. So, how about we call this “My Top 5 Integrity Issues in the Workplace” Alright now, let’s begin…

1. The Power Hungry: OOOOOOOOOH Yes, this is a BIGGY. We all know who this person is. This person is the one who has recently received a higher up position that some idiot gave to them before they were actually ready to take it. The Power Hungry person is someone who deems themselves to automatically be over any and everyone in their work environment. Simply because, they find themselves to be superior over other co-workers, even if he/she has the same position as them. Basically, they take the new found power they have and they run wild with it. Sometimes I have to be like “PLEASE SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE AND SHUT UP, IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS. We don’t work for The President ya know.” They start to belittle, micro-manage, control, and disrespect people under them and around them just for sport. This type of person is a JOKE and a FOOL. They basically need to learn how to be humble regardless of what power they gain. This is the reason why people in charge should really think twice about who they hire and who they promote. Are you really promoting them because they fit the job description? Or are you just doing it because you LIKE them and you’re too weak and lazy to find or train someone to do the job correctly? Hmmm. Moving on…

2. The Micro-Manager: OOOOOOO LORD! This one gets me fired up every time I see them. Some people are actually not as bothered by this type of person as much as I am. But it’s still a problem. The Micro-Manager is a manager who seems to think that they just HAVE TO be in your face, in your ear, telling you things they think you don’t already know, giving you speeches about themselves and your work ethic, asking you to do things they can surely do themselves, constantly asking you rhetorical questions, threatening your job, and MORE. They seem to do this AT ALL TIMES. I have seen so many of these types of managers RISE and FALL, and they can only blame themselves. Think about it, do you really need to be ALL UP IN someone’s face constantly, every day, all through the day, if they are doing their job? NO! YOU DON’T! Go sit down somewhere and worry about YOUR JOB and YOUR WORK ETHIC. Obviously you have less of a work ethic than the person you are yelling at because you are constantly wasting your time nagging someone over nothing. Trust me, there are other ways to train people and check on them to make sure they are doing their job quickly and efficiently. It’s just disrespectful because you are making it seem like they are an idiot who doesn’t know how to do their job without MOMMY in their ear. People don’t come to work for you to nag at them about their job all day, they can go back to their parent’s house for that crap. If you hired that person, and they do a great job, and they work well independently, LEAVE THEM ALONE. Think about other ways you can work with people without having to micro-manage them. That’s a terrible work environment, and it causes you to lose good employees. NEXT!

3. The Non-Team Player: Oh yeah! Mr. or Mrs. “never wants to be a team-player”. They always want to do everything THEIR WAY or the HIGHWAY. There is no other way presented because they are selfish and on a high horse. They don’t want to brainstorm about an issue or a large task at hand to make sure it gets done, they don’t want to collaborate among their team members, or in this case “co-workers”, to find better ways to improve something either. They feel the need to just get all the answers from their boss, instead of working with their actual team, who is always there, to solve a problem. They feel like they can do the job themselves or just direct everyone else on what to do instead of being a part of the plan. These are the people who will crash and burn fast if they don’t get their act together. They will be the ones who will one day need help on a big project that they suddenly find themselves perplexed with, and when they start looking for help, there will be no one around to take head. So, it is much better to be a team player than the idiot who can’t work with others. Enough Said. NUMBER 4!...

4. The Idiot: This is the person who puzzles me every time. I can never seem to get my head around The Idiot at work. I don’t think anyone ever can for that matter. This person is so perplexing, that no one can ever get rid of them fast or understand them period. The Idiot is the co-worker or boss that literally has no business working there. They DON’T do their job, or they DON’T know HOW to do their job. They are lazy as hell, inconsiderate of the work environment, and the worst part about them is that THEY ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH BEING STUPID! They ALWAYS get away with leaving work early, coming in late, disrespecting others constantly, lying about doing a lot of things, when really, they don’t do SHIT, taking long breaks, sexually harassing people at work, smoking or drinking at work, etc. I often ask myself, “DUDE! WHO HIRED YOU?! WHAT IDIOT WOULD HIRE AN IDIOT?” This is a real question that needs to be answered. Some of these people, The Idiots, will even get paid more than others for basically, NOT DOING SHIT! EVER! They are just there for show. Sometimes they are very good looking people, that just have an empty brain. So I guess, some places feel the need to have an empty brained person working there just for show. But if that’s what it is, TAKE THEM OUT TO DO YOUR ADVERTISING, AND LEAVE THEM OUT OF THE REAL WORK PLACE. They are a waste of money, a waste of air, a waste of time, and they ruin the work environment for others; the ones who care and actually WANT to work and do their job efficiently. I speak to all the bosses and hiring managers EVERYWHERE when I say “Please please PLEASE, get rid of the IDIOTS in the workplace. If you are too timid to take care of business, maybe you shouldn't be in charge in the first place. Grow some balls, tell them about themselves, GET RID OF THEM, so you can “take out the trash” and CLEAN UP. Trust me, it will be so much better afterwards. ;-) AND LASTLY YYYYYYY...

5. The Schemer: My favorite and most hated. This is a person I take very seriously. This type of person is the one who is the actual opposite of the word Integrity. Schemer, is the one who seems to think that going to work is a game of Life or Death and there can only be one living. They think that there can only be one winner in the game of “work”. This is the sad little person that feels the need to talk bad about others and their work ethic just to seem higher and better than them. When most of the time, they have a terrible work ethic themselves. This person is the one who will do anything to back stab good or bad people at work just to get ahead. This person has no integrity, true loyalty, teamwork, or respect for that matter for anyone but themselves. They pray to the weak to make sure they never do their best or to make sure no one sees them do their best. They NEVER EVER take ownership or their wrong doings. They will never admit to their faults or change their ways. This person is the DEVIL in the workplace. They will always try and knock you down because they are threatened by you. They are threatened by your charm, good manners, loyalty, dedication, and caring heart towards your co-workers. This type of person wishes they actually knew how to do their job well and how to get ahead without scheming and lying, but their tiny idiotic brain can never seem to grasp that “doing the right thing is always the way to go. No matter what!” The Schemer is the type of person who will lie and make things up just to get you fired because they found out that you are smarter than them and wiser. The Schemer is the person who will try to make your coworkers and your boss hate you because they are afraid you will get ahead of them. See, The Schemer doesn’t care if you are a good worker with a creative mind and a kind heart. Oh no. That doesn’t matter to them, they just want you out of their way so they can make it to the top. No one can prosper but them. No one can move up but them. Everyone has to stay in their place to make him/her look good. No one has a say in anything. And no one can do their job better than this person. I call this person “a frightened little baby” who is too lazy and prideful to work hard, change their ways, and be genuine with people to get the job done. No one likes The Schemer. And if you are smart, you will see them coming from afar and run like hell, or fight like a Champion. Schemer’s are everywhere, and are often feared by the weak and timid, but someone has to put them in their place. That someone, can be YOU.

Now that we have established The Top 5 Integrity Issues in the Workplace, let’s see if you will be one of the people who will stand up and make a change in your workplace. Will you be the one who decides to get rid of the trash and clean house? Or will you be The Schemer, The Idiot, The Non-Team Player, The Micro-Manager, or The Power Hungry. Just think about, what kind of workplace would we then have if people just did the right thing. If people just made choices based on having good values, respecting others, and taking ownership of things. Imagine if your boss came into work everyday and said “Thank you guys for coming in and always working hard. I know it’s a struggle, but because I have you as my team, we can do ANYTHING. I really appreciate all your efforts.” WOW! Just think of what type of work environment that would be like. It would be a good one. A prosperous one. With loyal, dedicated, honest employees. No games, no backstabbing, just work. My mother always said that people don’t grow up from acting crazy like they do in school. Many adults continue to act a fool with each other even at work. No wonder I sometimes feel like I am surrounded by CHILDREN. So I ask everyone who has a job and cares about working hard, “When will you start to have Integrity in the workplace? And when will I start taking ownership of NOT having Integrity?” That is the question at hand.

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