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*Good Heart, Hard Life: Pt. 1*

“We are hopeless Care Bears to a fault, and we can’t seem to stray away from caring too much. But every now and then, we come to the conclusion of wondering… “Who will be there to take care of US when WE are at odds?””


Dear Good Heart,

There are so many things that we find we are at the mercy of with you, and I think now is the perfect time to talk about it in depth...

I don’t think you realize the hold you have on the human body when it comes to the function of loving someone, caring for others, and having sympathy and remorse. In many cases, the control you have is sometimes unbearable. For people like us...the kind and caring type, who would never leave someone out in the cold; life is hard. Life is hard because no matter how hard we try to show love to others, in hopes that they will show the same to us, we will always be left out to starve. And I believe that this is our fate. To forever be underappreciated and undervalued is our outlook on life. But can you at least tell me why we keep doing this to ourselves? Can you tell me why we give so much to others, knowing we only get very little back? Tell me the secret to finding a way out. Give me a sign that tells me that we can change. That this life will not always be this hard, and we can finally find the strength to say “NO” and be fine with it. But wait...are we even capable of such a thing? To say “No, I can’t. I’ve done enough already.” or “No, I won’t. You have drained me of my hospitality.” These words seem so vicious don’t they? In some way, it sounds mean and heartless to tell someone these simple truthful words. When you know you don’t mean their heart any harm, but you are afraid it will send a hurtful blow anyway. We must remember that not everyone has a heart of steel like us. Not everyone can take a bullet and get back up fighting. Is it that we fear Good Heart? Hurting people while me tell them “No”. Even though it is only being said to save our heart. To take care of ourselves first before we help another. Because isn’t this our strength and our curse? Caring for others before we can care for ourselves? We are blinded by helping others in their trials and tribulations, while, in many cases, we haven't even dealt with our own, let alone care enough to come to terms with them.

As a wise man once said. “It is often easier to help others better than you can help yourself” And we were right. It is easier. And in some cases, we are wise enough to teach others and coach them through their problems in life. While we are having the same issues, but can’t seem to fix ourselves, I guess in some way, giving is easy. Loving is easy. Caring is easy. If it’s not for ourselves, then it can definitely be for others who need it more than we do.

Sometimes I have to ask myself “Do I really need a Good Heart?” and “Is it really necessary?” I know it may seem rude to say, but after going through so many disappointments and people letting me down left and right, I admit, I have to wonder…”What would it be like to not care? To not have to deal with others misfortunes and burdens.” I mean, can you really blame me? It’s sad to say, but I am sure others feel the same way sometimes. We are born this way after all. Hopeless Care Bears that only want to do good unto others and make them happy. But we give our heart away like its air. Like it’s a free toy for someone to play with for a while, until they get what they want, and then toss it when it no longer gives them something they want or need. So, my dear dear Good Heart, I ask again...How can I change the way I care for others? Or better yet, how can I shield my heart from the disappointments that I know will come from unworthy people? Is my heart doomed to be stepped on? Or can you show me what I need to see to make my life a little easier?

Show me how to put myself first, and I will follow. Show me how to give and let go when I need to, and I will listen. Show me who is worthy of you, Good Heart, and all the precious gifts you deserve, and I will love them and respect them. But most of all Good Heart, show me how to forgive. Because forgiving others is something we are all challenged with. I know that nobody's perfect, but the pain from being hurt blinds us with hatred and it makes us bitter. We don’t want to completely stop loving others, but we need help to keep our Good Hearts intact and thriving. If you can help us find a way to not let our sensitivity get the best of us, we will make you a Good Heart of GOLD, instead of a weak and weathered heart of STEEL.

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